Elu Certificate Management System

The Elu Certificate Management System is an application that greatly simplifies the process of course enrolment, certificate printing and certificate verification for academic and any training institution. Our certificate management system provides a single source of truth for institute to all certificates issued over any period of time.

After enrolling students for courses, the certificate printing and issuing process is often a long and error prone task leading to wastage of printer ink thus increases cost. With ELU Certificate Management System student credentials are easily verified and correction can easily be made before printing.

Companies needing to authenticate the validity of certificates presented to them often face a slow process of mailing credentials and awaiting response from institute. With Elu CMS online verification, verification becomes and instant process saving both the company and institute countless hours. Institutes don’t have to worry about their certificates been forged as all certificates generated can easily be verified.

Using graphic softwares (Corel, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop) are a great way to design certificate templates but would serve as a poor means of keeping records. As institutes grow, thousands of files will be generated becoming very difficult to track records. With Elu Cms your certificates records are easily searchable. 


  • Mitigate the effects of certificate forgery by providing easy verification.
  • Prevents wrong entry of certificate and student credentials.
  • Certificates can easily be reprinted with lower risk of entering wrong information.
  • Wrong entries can easily be corrected.
  • Keep records of certificate verification requests from companies or individuals.
  • Intelligent reports that give accurate statics of course enrollments, payment history students records e.t.c

Unique Features:

  • Offline access to data. Users of the software will be able to work even when they are not connected to the internet.
  • Edit certificate look and feel when ever needed without the need to enter data again.