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Software development is at the heart of what we do. Its not just a job, its our passion. Do you have a product idea? Lets build it.

Android Devopement, Xamarin Development

Mobile Application Development

In an ever connected world of mobile and IOT devices, we build personalized mobile apps that keep your customers engaged and informed.


Web Design and Online Marketing

We build beautiful and functional websites that clearly represents our clients brand at an affordable budget

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Consulting

Get experienced cloud consultant to execute your cloud migration strategy. Do you need to find out how the cloud will help your business? Get in touch

Out Sourcing


Extend your software development team across boarders with top developers at competitive industry rates. Save cost and get return on your investment.

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We love challenges and we believe that products we build have a purpose. They make people's lives easier or help solve real problems. Together with the Product Owner we make online solutions that work!

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Elucomputing works with the most demanding clients in various industries.
From oil and gas,finance, education, hospitality, in small, medium and large enterprises.

Beltway Engineering
House of Nazareth Hotes
Stephensella Engineering
Onos Tech
Fresh Angle

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Since 2012

Industry Solutions

In an ever evolving technology environment we dont just adabt to the change, we create the change

Elu FuelAccounting is an inventory and accounting solution for petrol station greatly simplifying daily operations, preventing financial losses and giving you dip insight from anywhere at anytime.

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Elu Certificate Management System is an application that greatly simplifies the process of course enrollment, certificate printing and certificate verification for professional training institutes.

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