ELUIM is a family of inventory products designed to simplify inventory and accounting for small, medium and large business across a broad range of sectors. From retail to wholesale to business accounting we have you covered.


ELUIM-S is the edition of the ELUIM product family that targets business in the wholesale and retail industry. This product simplifies your inventory, Accounting and customer management processes. ELUIM-S takes the guess work and manual time consuming processes out of your business. With real-time  data and intelligent business reports you get deep insight into your business helping you make better and more informative decisions.

The ELUIM products were built with simplicity, speed and efficiency with the aim of bringing greater productivity into your business.



Simplified Sales & Accounting Process 


The manual accounting process often entails a list of processes prone to human error.  From looking up available stock to issuing invoice and receipt and addition processes of searching for specific customer invoices or ledgers books e.t.c. All these leads to out-of-stock or over stocked items in inventory which can have negative impact to your business. These process are simplified into one screen and with the click of a button all stock, sales and accounting transaction are processed saving you countless hours of manual work.

Business Monitoring & Insight

Computing outstanding balances from customers and suppliers along with valuation of existing stock are one of the pain points for the accountants. With ELUIM business reports you can see your creditors and debtors reports at a glance and see the value of your existing stock either by your current cost price or by our default FIFO stock valuation report.

Real-time  Monitoring

ELUIM-S can be deployed in the cloud giving you anytime anywhere access to business information and  encouraging staff collaboration. 

Retail business often grow and spread to multiple locations making management and collaboration more complex. With ELUIM-S Enterprise edition Stock Managers and Auditors can easily monitor stocks across multiple warehouses and make transfers to warehouses running low on a particular stock item