Elu computing

Software development and Consulting

At Elucomputing, software development is at the heart of what we do. Its not just a job to us but our passion. The world of business and its approach is constantly evolving and we at Elucomputing not only adabt to these changes, we create these changes with the aim of making you more productive and effecient. 

We undertake on all kinds of software development projects, targetting multiple devices and platforms. From webportals, ecommerce sites, mobile applications that run on of Android, IOS, Windows phones or Native desktop application we have you covered.

We build software that is customized for your business. In building custom softwares we learn about our customers and the nature of their business first. By choosing us you get a solution that is customized to your business workflow to help maintain your unique competitive advantage.


Aspnet Core, Asp.net Webforms/MVC -C#.
Django - Python.
Angular, Vue,Knockoutjs,Jquery,Zurb foundation,BootStrap.

WPF/ Windowsforms - C#.

Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.IOS, Windows Phone with Phonegap.
Android - JAVA.
Windows phone- XAML/C#.

MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)

Apache SOLR, Apps for MS Office