Network and Software deployment

We at Elucomputing have qualified staff and man power in designing network solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We deploy both LAN and WAN networks both wired and wireless to deployments of desktops and server computers.

As organization grow so does requirement for security, collaboration, data integrity and support. We help organization decide on the best solution that meet these needs. Whether it be Windows, Linux or Microtik Server, we don’t just design the network solution we help you manage it. Giving you assurance of stability and growth as your business grows.

Maintaining regular IT staff for most organization is expensive that’s why we offer support services for those who cannot afford to or we offer specialized services augmenting the skill set of your existing ICT staffs.

We are Microsoft partners and therefore can provide you with original licenses for both windows servers and related technology to Microsoft office.

Area of Network and Operating System Expertise

  • Window Server 2008/2012
    [Active Directory Services, Internet Information Services, DHCP, DNS, Radius Server, DFS, Group Policy, Remote Desktop, Certificate Authority]
  • Ubuntu Linux
    [ Samba Domain Controller Service, Samba File and Print Server, DHCP, DNS, Radius Server]
  • Univention Linux Server
    [ Active Directory Services(OPEN LDAP), Samba File and Print Server, DHCP, DNS, Radius Server]
  • Microtik OS
    [ DHCP, DNS, Firewall, Bandwidth Management ]
  •  Ubuntu Desktop
  • Mac OS
  • Windows 7/8.x/10